A Unique Process

Most people associate conferences and meetings with a passive activity, as long as you're not the keynote speaker anyway. What a lost opportunity!

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Our Pros

Our process is two fold. First, we bring a team of professionals that scour every corner of your event in search of great ideas and important concepts. They capture them and bring them back to the Gallery to share with others. How do they capture them? Well, it might be in a photograph or a video clip or a quote. But most often it will be in one of our wildly popular IdeaBoards. From presentations and discussions, our illustrators create a visual synthesis of the big ideas - something like a storyboard. As content comes into the Gallery's ContentCentral, our team starts incorporating it into your ConferenceCanvas - a larger-than-life picture of the event created in real time using the information and ideas of the experts on YOUR content -- YOUR participants.

Your Pros

The second part of the process is leveraging all of the expertise and potential of the attendees. In the unique environment of our CollaborationLounges, we put participants to work solving real world issues facing the industry or organization. That's right, they create real world solutions to real world problems. Task forces and work teams get more done in a few days than they would in several months or years of weekly meetings or monthly conference calls. Our staff is there and ready to support participants with everything from facilitation to technical support so their focus is on one thing – their opportunity to contribute and be productive.

Illumination Galleries work so well because they take the knowledge sharing of the traditional conference model and add an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate and create results.

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