Monday, July 13, 2009

ONE+ Daily - Monday "cartoon"

Good morning, WECers! Today is full of opportunities to change the world. Will you explore an extreme meeting makeover with Jim McDonough? Or dive in deep on the Four Elements of Strategic Value with Mary Boone, Susan Radojevic, Karen Haas, and Jack Phillips (oh, and yours truly)?

The quote below is from Peter Block's Community: The Structure of Belonging. I highly recommend it for all meeting planners interested in both the meeting process and the environment in which meetings can be held. The title of this chapter is "The Small Group Is the Unit of Transformation."

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OpenID swanthinks said...

Great diagram. It is all of our responsibility to pass along positive change. If you see/hear/learn something positive, share it with your network so that the whole industry grows.

Also, after #wec09 is over, be sure to take part in twice weekly #eventprofs chats. Schedule is here:

July 13, 2009 8:49 AM  

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