No Turning Back:
Four Elements of Strategic Value

The meeting industry crisis and the global economy have created the conditions for a tipping point in the way we define meetings. Because of the media attention meetings have received lately, planners and vendors have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the way key decision makers view the strategic value of meetings and events. You can help leaders see that meetings are not a cost center, but rather, a strategic investment that can transform organizations and even economies. You now have the chance to literally change the world through meetings.

This session will bring together three of the top subject matter experts on the Four Elements of Strategic Value. Susan Radojevic, president of The Peregrine Agency will cover Portfolio Management, Mary Boone, president of Boone Associates will address Meeting Design and Jack Phillips, Chairman of the ROI Institute will share his ideas regarding Measurement. You will also hear from a leader in the area of Advanced Logistics about the opportunities for vendors of meeting services and facilities.

The purpose of the session is to help planners and vendors present a clear and compelling case for the strategic value of meetings to key decision makers. The session will be highly interactive with people working in a well-designed learning environment to come up with a presentation that they can actually use with their own executives and decision makers immediately following the event.

Here are a few videos of the presenters in the session.

Introduction - Mary Boone

Measurement - Jack Phillips

Meeting Design - Mary Boone

Visual Synthesis - Jay Smethurst

Here are Jay's synthesis images from the session.

Breakout Teams' Marker Boards (click an image to see a larger version)

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